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Sweet Amara and beautiful mother Brittany joined us for a one year milestone session this past week in Austin. Capturing Amara’s precious personality throughout our session was completely effortless! With the golden hour light on our side, the colors Brittany chose for Amara to wear during the session were vibrant and had just enough pop to bring even more life and fun to the images. Our personal favorite was her beautiful sari. With it’s rich tones and gems, it created a dreamlike qaulity to our session together!

We loved the evening we got to spend with Amara and Brittany celebrating this past year of  beautiful life Amara has brought to her family!




Laura Morsman Photography, Austin Texas Family Photographer

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Hans and Rachael.. I am just not sure if it gets any sweeter than these two..

Both musicians, singers, dog lovers, and ATX residents, these two take the cake of CUTE. I met dear Rachael when I first started working with the downtown Anthropologie store back in 2013, she was there with a group of vibrant friends on her lunch hour and we always had such an easy time connecting, and checking in on each other’s lives whenever she came to shop! When I got her request for a family session with she and Hans, I was elated! Not only was this such a sweet couple to host, but absolutely gorgeous as well.

We met during the golden hour last week and started our adventure by hauling out the vintage couch out into a dried creek bed to start our session, the rest was Rachael and Hans simply being themselves, dancing, laughing and joking together and loving on their pups.

The images truly speak for themselves, I loved the effortless and contagious loving energy these two shared together.


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The McCrea Family:: Laura Morsman Photography, Austin Texas Family Photographer

With three little girls all under the age of 10 , I knew this session was going to be so much fun! From “Frozen” reenactments to pose-offs in the middle of the wildflowers, the McCrea girls are full of life, energy, and  carefree imagination! I can’t wait for our next session together..I haven’t laughed so hard throughout a session that I got nervous I couldn’t stop long enough to proceed with it!

The love this family has for one another effortlessly shows. Our evening session was beautifully lit as we were under a thunderstorm watch and the clouds were covering any light we had left. This lent to some cool-toned yet warmth filled images.

                                                                           Laura Morsman Photography :: Austin Texas

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Laura Morsman Photography:: Kids Boutique Photo Shoot :: Preview No.1

This could possibly be one of my favorite sessions to date. From our collaboration with Sparkle Kids boutique, to my animated walk through of what a “not smiling, not sad face” is,  this mini crew of models did a beautiful job in bringing the fun and whimsical outfits to life on a beating hot summer night in Texas.  We started our shoot at 6:30pm and the light was impeccable! Keep reading to find out what can change your photo sessions with just a little planning, and lot of fun!

When looking at these images there are three essentials that make ANY photo shoot truly get that extra bit of life put into it. The first is of course every photographer’s love/hate relationship, light. When planning your upcoming holiday sessions you may get an offer from me that initially lists “evening” or “twilight” times.  This is not just for my camera’s sake, but for the quality, clarity, and true beauty of depth in your images. My sweet spot for time in the summer is generally around 6:30-7PM. No harsh light to make you squint, enough pops of sun to catch details and add haze. Trust me, your kids might be a little late to bed that night, but you will melt over your photos!

The second is styling. If it’s glasses, a floppy hat. a colorful chunky scarf, throw it in there! Color, texture, pattern and pops of whimsy are what take a normal photo into a fun one. Depending your style, you can cater it to THAT! It doesn’t have to be a pair of red RayBans, it could be layers upon layers of lacy boot socks, or an over the top headpiece. Don’t limit yourself!

The third would be to catch your kids in THEIR moment. Of course we all want the look and smile shot, but you’ll find when you just let your kids “hang out”, or laugh or twirl or jump, those are the best!

Enough from me! Here is our first peek at our Sparkle Kids Boutique fashion shoot.


Laura Morsman Photography//Austin Texas// Kids Photographer, Family Photographer, Fashion Photographer

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  • Jill Garcia - These shots are amazing!! The lighting couldn’t be more perfect and the mini models totally rocked it. Love love love all the She’s Got Moxy headgear. Whimsical and fun!!!ReplyCancel

Well hey there!

I almost never break the line of professional posting, blogging, Insta-crazy picture sharing, but today I am going to give a little peek into what it is like working from my home, building your own brand, and little snippets from my own adventure of building Laura Morsman Photography. It’s wordy, but I will do my best to keep it short! This will be an ongoing  blog topic with the ongoing projects that come our way!

For those of you who don’t know me beyond our constant emails and photography sessions (Is there much more to know?) , I fell in love with photography as a pre-teen when I got my first point and shoot Sony camera. I begged my friends to let me take their “senior portraits” and edited them with a free downloaded program on my dad’s old work laptop. I left college during my senior year with a minor is psychology and a major in fine arts, not what I saw as the perfect mix to start my own business!  I had dabbled in photography but really didn’t see myself making it my career or it seeing it fester itself into a life changing passion. Long story short, I never saw myself HERE. In love with photography, my co-workers being my dearest friends, and being completely in love with being a business owner and creating a brand.

This isn’t a loser to winner story, it’s a “If I can do this, YOU can do this” story!

I truly love what I do, and it’s really the people I meet along the way that keep it going. Enjoy the read! Let me know what you think, what are the biggest pieces of advice YOU can share for those building their business or brand?

Laura Churchill :: Laura Morsman Photography:: Austin Texas

Say thank you, absolutely, and of course as much as possible.. And truly mean it. If you haven’t worked a shift in retail, you may not know the weight and strength of these short sayings. Creating a relational bond with your client is imperative. Losing the natural communication and understanding you use with a friend you’ve known forever is a make or break-it mistake for your business. Love your clients, treat them as you would want to be treated.

See an aesthetic you like? Inspired by a blog? Can’t imagine how they can lay washi tape on a white surface and suddenly you are trendy? Try it. This is 2 pieces of computer paper and a stack.. of tape. Throw your logo on there, done. You are cool too, just make it happen!

Finding your niche, look, or branding style within your business is something you shouldn’t cement yourself to if you aren’t truly loving it. Release your creative drive to take a different side-road every once in a while, if it isn’t for you, you didn’t lose anything in the process! Isn’t it crazy that sprinkles, peonies, things against white, aerial desk views,  woodland creatures, and calligraphy writing are totally “in” right now? I love them. Notice how organically simple they are. The color, shape, simplicity and minimalist notions sometimes make the biggest impact.

Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple.

I am a pile maker. Purchasing the product to make awesome packaging or a fun background for a blog is my favorite part about the whole process.. Assembling, completing, editing, posting, tagging, logo applying… that’s where you lose me.

Partner with awesome people! My biggest tool- Ask for what you are looking for. Social media, email, Instagram, Facebook. Those are your FREE tools that literally BUILD businesses. You are worth knowing, so go out there and say HI!

Work with supplies you LOVE. If you don’t love your brand, how can you whole heartedly sell it?

Sometimes it’s the simplest “things” that make branding FUN.

Seek sources of inspiration and don’t let yourself get discouraged by the granduer of it. No matter how avant garde, no matter how high fashion, how many designers it took to create a photo-shoot, if you love it, re-create it in YOUR own way!

Wrap up everything with a real “Thank You”. For your time, for your perspective, for your partnership, thank you.

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