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As we continue on with our ACL blog features, we are thrilled to introduce Jamie Dorobek. Writer and DIY maven of CRAFT, Jamie invited us into her beautiful Austin  home and let us take a peek into her wonderful world of “Creating Really Awesome Free Things”.  We were tickled to be able to feature Jamie as part of our ACL features. From her numerous appearances on Apartment Therapy, Good Day Austin, Design Sponge, and Craft Business magazine, Jamie has mastered the talent of making something minimal and chic  from items and project scraps you probably already had around . From wood chip lampshades to an illuminated peace sign wreath and an out of a magazine baby nursery, Jamie has a true eye for aesthetics and design while at the same time making it monetarily attainable for anyone to recreate  projects she showcases in her own home.

As we began our photo shoot, it felt as if we were stepping into a day in the life of a typical Saturday afternoon for this sweet family.  Enjoy our interview with Jamie and be sure to continually be inspired by this wonder woman at Create Really Awesome Free Things , and follow her on Instagram under @TheCraftBlog.




When did you start creating?
Creating with freebies has been happening since I can remember. I grew up with a wonderfully crafty mom who would take me to Good Will and garage sales to my little heart’s content. The free part is easy when you are a kid with no money! Check out my fancy college decor and zebra corn lamp, ha!


With blogging being such an inspirational, trend setting way of  communicating to the masses, what do you find yourself loving about
the blogs you choose to follow? What brings you back to them time and time again?
Pretty pictures and great stories. I’m curious (or nosey if you ask my husband) by nature, and blogging is a little peek into a strangers life. You can really get to know a person through their blog stories and pictures, and I love that!



With ACL right around the corner, what do you see yourself wearing to look and
feel your best?
 I’m a very practical human. I mean I do Create Really Awesome Free Things for a living! So my ACL style is very, well, practical! It’s typically still pretty hot in Austin in October, so jean shorts and a t-shirt are comfortable and breezy! My long hair is in a braid to keep it off of my neck (and out of my son’s tiny fingers) and closed toed shoes keep my feet cleaner. I carry a small cloth diaper bag across my body to keep my families stuff organized for the day. To make myself feel a little fancy, I wear red lip gloss, I love the brand Sugar! 


Being an Austinite, where are some of your favorite places to relax and take in the day after a week of blogging, crafting or travel?
After a long day, I love swinging in our hammock at home or rocking on the front porch with my husband and son. We also enjoy rinding our tandem bike to neighborhood joints like Cherrywood coffee house, Contigo, and Mi Madres. Mi Madres has the best breakfast tacos in all of the land. Seriously. 



Last but not least, what do you hope to share with others from your blog writing?
I just hope to bring a little DIY happiness to anyone who happens upon my blog! I like to think there is at least one idea or at least an inspiration for a new idea on C.R.A.F.T.! 




See how Jamie created this gorgeous black and white nursery! 

























Make these incredible shoes!







Laura Morsman Photography, Austin Texas Lifestyle Photographer

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Our morning milestone sessions are some of our favorites. Arriving at our client’s home and beginning our session before the sun is fully up, the glow and haze as we hang our banners, throw our picnic blankets in the grass and pull out the spice cake to smash with brilliant excitement. All of the intricate details and sweet notions we add to each session are what bring everything seamlessly together. We love to create a relaxing and whimsical surrounding for little ones to enjoy having their pictures taken candidly, in their own space and time.  Celebrating Ryker’s first birthday  with our photography and now video yielded such an incredible documentation of this little man’s life. Enjoy a peek into his session from earlier this week!


Laura Morsman Photography




Laura Morsman Photography

Austin Texas Lifestyle Photographer

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Our weeks  kicking of September have been filled to the brim with beautiful sessions, meeting brilliant creatives, and showcasing local  fashion, blogs, and talent. We wanted to take a moment to showcase the ethereal senior portrait session we held with friends Olivia and Ashley , two seniors wrapping up their last year in senior high here in Austin TX.  We loved getting a peek of perspective into their school experience, the ambitious wonder and excitement for what is come.. The love they had for life and their friendship was truly captured in this session. With their own incredible sense of self and fashion, they owned this photo shoot and we loved getting the chance to enjoy and celebrate with them as they wrap up their last year in high school! Laura Morsman Photography is now booking for individual along with friendship senior portrait sessions to commemorate the bonds and adventure made through this fun and fleeting chapter of life!  



Laura Morsman Photography, Austin Texas Lifestyle Photographer

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As a native midwesterner  moving to Austin,  there was a world of culture I had only heard about from friends travels and magazines that I never thought I’d ever have the chance to experience myself, let alone live within. The music and fashion world in Austin is so vibrantly alive and ever changing.  They are both aspects of life here that keep us constantly inspired and creatively driven to document and dive into for new perspective in our work.

Heading into our second fall season in Austin, we felt the urge to reach out and ask those around us how they approached the upcoming Austin City Limits music festival as a creative living amongst it. With music being such a pillar in Austin’s culture, it’s a rare thing when you run into someone who hasn’t heard about or attended  one of it’s many festivals throughout the year.

As a creative myself, I cherish the moments I get to connect with others around this beautiful city. The reality of documenting life wether it be fashion, crafting, travel or food, there’s a blog for that, and a blogger behind it. There is someone dedicating their passion for a subject/s and opening their opinion and outlook to those around willing to read and soak up personal experience from someone else’s point of view.

We are dedicating the weeks leading up to Austin City Limits festival to those we have come to follow and love. Instagram to Facebook, Pinterest to Twitter, Austin is filled to the brim with adventurous and creative minds sharing their worlds with us. We wanted to document their stories and perspectives while taking a personal peek into their lives and fashion sense towards ACL.

Laura Morsman Photography  features : Olivia Watson, Austin Fashion Blogger  of 

and Noah Watson, local musician,

Wearing : Free People

What is an aspect of fashion blogging in ATX that you love? 

What I love about being a fashion blogger in ATX is the versatility when it comes to fashion. There are so many different types of people with unique styles here, so the possibilities are endless – and most importantly, accepted! We’ve got some preppier fashioniastas near UT campus, while five minutes east and down the road it’s like a an Urban Outfitters catalog, and cruise 25 minutes to south Austin and you’ll find the most brilliant vintage thrift shoppers – and it’s all amazing! “Keep Austin Weird” doesn’t just apply to the folks who inhabit our city, it applies to the fashion we choose everyday. People here are zany and eccentric, and thinking outside the box when it comes to fashion is something that’s appreciated in this city!

What would you say the difference is between everyday fashion and ACL festival fashion?

With festival fashion nowadays reaching the Miley Cyrus level on the scandal spectrum (how much shorter can we make denim shorts? I mean, really!), there’s a very distinct division between festival style and everyday wear. You can’t exactly show up for work rocking a flash tattoo on your forehead and a crop top that leaves little to the imagination. In contrast, on the festival grounds fashion freedom is everything and nothing is off limits. If you want to rock the minimalist look (I’m speaking literally here), then go for it! After all, it’s no secret that Texas is still hot in October. Festival fashion is driven by the liberating combination of live music and an ice cold beer – and when you’re with your best friends rocking out to the band that’s been blasting on 103.1 all summer, your outfit will likely align with your carefree spirit during those three magical days. So, what does this spirit take on in fashion form? Soft, flowing fabrics that let you feel the breeze, shoes that call for dancing and layered accessories for a perfect hands-in-the-air, shouting-the-lyrics moment. 

What trends are you loving that you see popping up this upcoming season? 

The sneakers with dresses trend! I love wearing my Vans with a skater dress in the summer, so swapping out my boots for sneakers and loading up the “layered look” sounds like something I’d definitely wear. Aside from that, I’m loving all of the printed, chunky sweaters popping up in stores this season. Cozy, warm and instant perfection when paired with hot coffee and a fireplace! 

Where is the best place to unwind when taking a break from the ACL festivities? 

Barton Springs is my go-to when I’m looking to cool off and wind down a bit during the fest. It’s a natural spring fed pool across the way from the venue, so it’s an easy walk and the best feeling to hop into the cold water after breaking a serious sweat all day. Aside from taking a dip in the pool, I highly recommend hitting up a fun (and so so delicious) breakfast spot before you’re ready to hit the fest. Magnolia Cafe and Kerbey Lane are two beloved Austin classics, and who could resist fueling up on gingerbread pancakes before another day of amazing festivities?

Besides fashion, blogging, and combining the two, what’s something that you love to do or expresses your interests? 

Oh goodness, that’s a toughie! Well, I am 100% a family girl. I grew up in Austin and have four older siblings, and within the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of becoming “Auntie O” to my five perfect nieces and nephews. Thus, when I’m not in front of a computer or snapping pictures on my phone, I am hanging with my family, eating dinner prepared by my 9-year-old nephew (who’s idol is Julia Child – and he’s quite the little chef already!) and soaking in the joy that kids can bring and the genuine love of my family. This is definitely my happy place.


 Laura Morsman Photography

Austin Texas, Editorial and Fashion Photography

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Sweet Amara and beautiful mother Brittany joined us for a one year milestone session this past week in Austin. Capturing Amara’s precious personality throughout our session was completely effortless! With the golden hour light on our side, the colors Brittany chose for Amara to wear during the session were vibrant and had just enough pop to bring even more life and fun to the images. Our personal favorite was her beautiful sari. With it’s rich tones and gems, it created a dreamlike qaulity to our session together!

We loved the evening we got to spend with Amara and Brittany celebrating this past year of  beautiful life Amara has brought to her family!




Laura Morsman Photography, Austin Texas Family Photographer

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