Photographer | Sister | Arrested Development Addict 

Hey! I'm Laura. The woman behind the lens here at LMP, I'm so 

glad you found us! Our background in photography stems from our 

background in documenting my own family's life and 

adventures throughout the years. Documenting those moments

turned into documenting so many other people's moments

and here we are! We pride ourselves in loving the person more

than our passion for photography and that's just a smidge of the 

secret sauce that goes into making the photography magic over 

here at LMP! 

We are all about the real, raw, fleeting moments that are 

constantly happening in your life, and we are out to catch those. 

Your story is our favorite one.

Assistant+Good Vibes Goddess

Say hello to the woman behind admin magic here at Laura 

Morsman Photography! Wether she is assisting me on location 

during our photoshoots, or helping you iron out your session down

to the very last details, Ashley is our partner in crime.

You will 100% want her to be your best friend.. I understand