Houston Texas Engagement Session : Chester and Coley

When I got out of my car after reaching downtown Houston to meet these two for the first time, the initial words Nicole, “Coley” said to me were her sweet compliments about Chester looking so adorable in his bow tie and suit jacket.. I knew from that point, these two were going to be indescribably sweet to get to know throughout our session together. With us only having talked on the phone a handful of times between Coley’s first contact with me and the day of their session, I feel like we may all have been best friends in a former life..



How timeless are these two. I don’t think we got through more than two minute spans of time without someone bursting into laughs.



They met at a church picnic and although Coley claimed Chester was a pretty soft spoken type, he came right up to her and introduced himself then and there.. and the rest was history.


I don’t think I had to ask them to look at each other once.. Their eyes were already there the entire time and on nothing else.




I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this sweet duo’s big day. March just can’t come fast enough!