Your Styled Child // A Blog on Cutting the Crazy Out of Outfitting

Styling your child let alone your entire family for a photo shoot can seem extremely daunting and totally defeating at times.  For others, it’s a walk in the park and something they cannot WAIT to prep for. Coordinating color, pattern, texture and style, it can drive even the most fashion savvy a little crazy, and with Pinterest happily inviting our inner OCD to shine brightly as we are trying to narrow down an outfit to wear for an hour of photo taking, can make the decision process seem endless.

When it comes to our photo sessions you see online or while following us on Instagram, so many people reach out and tell me that it’s the styling that really captures their eye. It blows my mind when parents feel like they don’t have “the eye” in order to get that same look or styling for their child  during a photo shoot. YOU HAVE IT. You know what you do and don’t like when it comes to your personal outfitting for starters. I have found that the hard part is narrowing down what authentically showcases what you LOVE and how that translates into how you dress your kids. Do you find yourself being drawn the J.Crew magazine that shows up in your mailbox, or Anthropologie lookbook? Regardless of these catering to adult fashion, you can seamlessly translate a “feeling” of style into a mini version for your little. So how does that help us when we are simply planning a milestone session or family shoot? Generally, none of us have or want to spend hours on end shopping, ordering online, finding the right size, and attempting the “try ons” with their family.. We just want it done and DONE. Since I am most commonly on the other side of the camera, I wanted to share what actual clients feel their best input was to this common roadblock many clients seem to run into, so I reached out so some of my dear friends and fellow clients who really shine in when it comes to dressing their little ones!


Sidenote: If you really don’t care that much on dressing your little guys and gals, that’s more than OKAY too! We all love to see personalities shine regardless of the attire, so never feel like you HAVE to put one single thought or an ounce of emphasis to their clothing! We are here to help, and happy to lend a creative hand in any step of your planning process!


We are going to start this week talking with Yasmeen of Austin Texas. When I first met this gorgeous mother of 3 at our sibling session last fall , my jaw nearly hit the floor when I realized the elevation of styling experience she brought with her. “We have 3+ outfit changes and accessories and shoes for each outfit”-  YES, YES and YES! Our session began and one after another the outfits were right on point not only with her aesthetic talent, but with her little one’s personalities as well. We had an absolutely wonderful time that evening and I could not WAIT to share her images from her session. You have probably seen them covering our Facebook and Instagram other the past few months.. We cannot get enough of them! Enjoy Yasmeen’s session along with her three tips that help her put together her styled dream session for her kids Emma, Kai and Knox!vpinThe first tip is all about pre planning: Pull complete outfits, accessories and all.  Try different outfitting options before the actual shoot. Layer outfits on hangers with scarves attached. I placed earrings, stallings, & hair accessories in plastic zip lock baggies and attached those on hangers fitting paired outfits. vpinvpin Organize Your Outfits: organize outfit changes per child by pairing said outfits together. Ex: look # 1 kid A and kid B outfits complete and together. Etc. Organize plans for the day: will you provide snacks? Did you pack extra bandaids and insect repellant? Extra sunscreen or hosiery in the event one pair rips mid session? Are all of the kids well fed and ready for fun? Make sure to bring finger snacks – this always aids in keeping one child busy while one changes or one occupied from a beginning tantrum….vpinvpinvpinvpinvpinLast but not least- Pep talk and Educate: Be clear about your expectations from your kids. Explain this is a fun but professional environment. Stress that their help is much needed in the listening and following directions department and the importance of respecting the set and all professionals on set. Talk about what goes on in photo shoots. Discuss the setting/environment, time dedicated to shooting and tips and tricks. Kids understand and will be excited to show off their focus skills the day of. They are mini professionals and after all this is all about them! It’s their time to relax and shine!! Show off their personalities! This is the best time to answer any questions and calm any nerves your little one might have. vpinvpinvpinvpinLaura Morsman Photography // Austin Texas  Family and Child Photographer